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Livigno is rated as a top skiing resort because it simply has it all – fantastic snow throughout the skiing season, wonderful ski runs, excellent other snow-related activities, great nightlife, duty-free shopping – all within this small Alpine village which spans 25 km between the Italian and Swiss borders.

Located in a high valley in Italy, bordering Switzerland, Livigno is 1816m high. The surrounding slopes tower to 3000m, the Carosello mountain on one side and the Mottolino mountain on the other. At this altitude, it is no wonder that Livigno's skiers can always rely on first rate snow conditions. The pistes are usually open by the first week of December, and remain open till two weeks after Easter, having the longest skiing season in Italy.

Beginners are taught how to ski on the lower slopes, while the more experienced skiers take to the higher slopes, and ski from one end of the Carosello mountain to the other.

Livigno's slopes are nice and wide, with a good mix of blue, red and black slopes. There are over 120km of slopes spread out between the Carosello and Mottolino mountains. The pistes are well groomed and subject to constant attention in addition to a network of quick and modern cable cars and lifts.

The upper slopes can be easily accessed by persons who have skied before via the Tagliede cable car and the chair lifts nearby, which are all extremely close to the Miramonti hotel and other hotels and apartments provided by YTC. For beginners, skiing is concentrated at YTC's facilities at the flattest pistes in Livigno.

Lessons are essential for beginners and highly recommended for intermediate and advanced skiers. The techniques taught during these lessons will allow you to improve your technique and approach more difficult slopes with greater confidence, including the beautiful red and black slopes available in Livigno. With proper tuition it will be possible to ski faster and safer under all types of conditions and on all sorts of slopes, giving that satisfying feeling at the end of each difficult slope. This is your chance to learn to ski with YTC in Livigno.

Learning with Smiles Skiing with Confidence

"Will I learn how to ski?" is a question asked over and over again in the YTC office by our clients. And the answer we give is always YES.

Learning to ski is fun, and everybody has to learn some time. Once you have learnt how to ski, you will always retain this ability, though practice and further tuition will always bring you more enjoyment. YTC has an over 95% success rate at teaching beginners, which has consistently been achieved in the past.

YTC is fully dedicated to teaching you how to ski. We have been in this business for over 35 years, as the travel agency which introduced skiing to the Maltese. Our ski director, Mariano Galas, has been teaching Maltese clients for nearly 20 years, around half of his professional life.

With this wealth of experience Mariano knows how the Maltese beginner thinks and feels on the first few days on the slopes. Seeing as most Maltese have never been on the snow before, he has tailor-made his lessons to bring out the best in Maltese skiers. He is helped by Eleonora who is Maltese or by one of our guides. Being encouraged in your own language by the instructor's assistants, as well as having an instructor who understands a lot of Maltese words, is a service you will not find anywhere else in the world.

The first two days are spent on a small escalator carpet, which carries you some 50 metres up the gentle slope, before you start skiing slowly down. During the initial lessons, Mariano will teach how to stop, turn and slow down on a very small flat slope. Beginners enjoy the skiing sensation immediately.

After about two days, lessons are on a slightly longer slope, where one learns how to go up a ski lift. By the end of the week, our beginners can comfortably tackle a full easy slope with confidence, while being 100% in control.

Skiing is a group activity, so skiing together with family or friends is something our beginners look forward to. YTC skiers, under Mariano's guidance, learn to ski relatively well, given that they only stepped on skis that week, and compared to other beginners, I would grade them as excellent students. This does not mean they know it all - it takes several skiing holidays to make a good skier, but with YTC our beginners enjoy the whole week of skiing, and look forward to their next skiing holiday.

Participants of the races will be given a personalised certificate and a YTC memento or trophy.

Some facts about tuition offered by YTC.

Tuition lasts 2 hours per day for 5 days, with 1 hour of skiing being defined internationally as being 55 minutes of instruction, which allows the instructor 5 minutes/hour to prepare himself for the next lesson. The 6th day consists of organised races for groups.

Towards the last day, Mariano will film you skiing, and prepare a DVD of you skiing available at a small charge (for group lesson participants only). Photos of you skiing during some lessons and during the races are taken by a professional photographer and are available upon request at a charge.

Those skiers not taking group lessons may take part in a specially organised race at the end of the week for advanced skiers at a cost of €10 per person.

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