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It’s skiing time again, and YTC is enthusiastically gearing itself for the next skiing season. This brochure will give you information about our main skiing resort, Livigno, and about Wagrain, Andalo and Bormio, which are available for skiers in small group

YTC has been hosting clients in these excellent resorts with huge success for a number of years. The YTC ski team, led by YTC ski director, Mariano Galas, and assisted by Eleonora and our guides will teach you to ski and ensure that you have a wonderful time on the slopes. Their expertise and experience is invaluable and will make all the difference to your holiday. I am grateful to the whole YTC Ski Team for their hard work and dedication over the past years, as it is thanks to them that YTC is the market leader in Malta in the provision of skiing holidays.


I suggest that you visit the following link (7 Hadd Ghalik features filmed in Livigno) to help you plan your holiday better!


In the skiing resort ratings, there is no doubt that Livigno ranks as a super-star. It is so popular because as a skiing resort, it has it all – good snow throughout the skiing season, good skiing, excellent other snow related activities, nightlife, duty free shopping – all within this small Alpine village which spans 25 km between two borders.

Located in its high valley in Italy, bordering Switzerland, Livigno village is 1816m high, while the surrounding slopes tower to 3000m, the Carosello mountain on one side and the Mottolino mountain on the other. At this altitude, it is no wonder that Livigno skiers can always rely on good snow conditions. The Livigno pistes are usually open in the first week of December, and remain open till two weeks after Easter, having the longest skiing season in Italy.


Since 2011, YTC Travel and Go Sicily Properties have built a reputation for offering Quality Holidays to Sicily. These range from very scenic and relaxing 1-day and 3-day exclusive group coach tours, where the individual traveller can join one of our published tours, to specific tailor-made events for clubs, associations, private companies, groups of friends, families and other groups, where we prepare and plan with you a tailor-made itinerary according to what is preferred.

Our continued presence and many contacts in Sicily allow us to identify the best value-for-money hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, transport options and places to visit, thus ensuring that we provide you the highest quality at the right price. Our philosophy is that WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET, where the published price is actually the real price which you will pay. There are no hidden extras and we are not in the business of promoting a low "starting from" price which eventually will prove to be elusive, inexistent or very hard to eventually obtain. This has ensured that many of our clients, both individual as also corporate clients, have returned again and again.

"My passion for the Sicilian way of life; the countryside, the mountains, the rivers, the pristine sandy beaches, the arts, the architecture, the dolcevita, the culture and the food (it shows!) - has intensified over the past eight years, with Sicily becoming practically my second home. Over the past eight years, we at Go Sicily Properties have sold, developed and converted various properties in the beautiful Sicilian countryside, from old farmhouses to townhouses to new fully detached countryside villas and bungalows. We are proud to say that we have helped a number of our foreign clients, including many Maltese, acquire a place in the Sicilian sun where they can spend their weekends and their holidays. We are pleased to continue our partnership with YTC Travel in order to offer quality short stays in Sicily where we will help you experience the Sicily you never imagined"


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